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We are a proud family owned and operated global supplier of premium apples with a dedicated team of passionate people ensuring the Taylor brand stands for quality and excellence from the tree to the shelf. It's our name on the box!


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There’s a saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and it rings true of the Taylor family, who have been in the apple business 
for more then 100 years. 

Taylor Corporation Ltd is a family owned and operated Apple Growing, Packing and Exporting company located in the sunny Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand.  Taylor Corporation Ltd was launched in 1995 by Kelvin and Lynette Taylor, from its parent company Golden Del Orchards Ltd. 

Kelvin, followed his father Wally and grandfather Walter into the industry in the early 1960s.  Kelvin worked for his father and at the age of 18, sold his car and used the proceeds to buy five hectares next door to develop his own orchard and packing facility.  Today, spread over 300 hectares in Hastings are the pack house and Golden Del orchards, the Taylor-owned apple orchards that feed its packing and exporting business.

Kelvin and wife Lynette’s daughters Claire and Natalie and son Cameron, along with their respective spouses, are all involved in running the business.  During “the season”, the pack house sorts and packs up to 250 tonnes of apples every day (that’s 2,000 apples every minute), while 300 workers are picking fruit to keep up.  Apples are the lifeblood of the business and every single suitable one is exported. Those apples that cannot be exported go for juicing.

In their quest to grow and improve their operation, Kelvin and his team travel extensively to gain more knowledge and be at the forefront of new ideas. ‘Standing still is going backwards’, a philosophy that has flowed through the generations and continues today. No matter how great your product, there are always new developments and market demands setting new heights to strive for… and Taylors like to lead the way.

Being self-sufficient is an important factor in the Taylor’s business. “We listen to the market and make our own decisions. 

"We are autonomous,” says Kelvin. 

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t apples

Royal Gala

Bold red stripe on a creamy yellow background.
Subtle sweet flavours and crisp white flesh. We
harvest these from early February through to late March.

royal gala



A firm juicy bi colour apple, with a unique combination
of sweet and tart flavours. Picked late March to late April.



NZ Queen

Deep red skin colour with a sweet flavour
and crisp, juicy yellow flesh. Excellent keeping
qualities. Harvest from mid March to mid April.


nz queen


Super sweet, super juicy. Colours range from
a soft pink stripe to bright red on a subtle
background. We harvest in late March through April.



Pink Lady

A crisp, crunchy apple with sweet and tart
flavours. Pink blush colour on a pale background.
Picked early April through to May.

pink lady

NZ Rose

Rosy pink to bright red thin skin colour.
Sweet flavours and crisp juicy white flesh.
Harvested late April to May


nz rose

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Taylor Corporation

38 Franklin Road
Waiohiki, Napier 4183
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (6) 8447987
Facsimile: +64 (6) 8443738

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